China 2011/2012

DATE: 2011-09-17

Busy day today! The first picture is from inside Xu Jia's neighbourhood, taken on a quick morning stroll. Around lunch we went to a huge electronics market (鞍山西道) to buy a card reader and try to find out if it is possible to use my iPhone in China. Apparently it is possible, but the question is how safe it is (you have to jailbreak the phone it seems). Afterwards we had a late lunch together with Xu Jia's grandparents at this really nice dumpling restaurant called 百饺园 ("Garden of a Hundred Dumpling Sorts"). American president George W. Bush's wife Laura Bush has, according to photos on the wall, been there twice, which I guess says something about their dumplings. I regret to inform you that the rabbit Xu Jia gave me in Xi'an is no longer among us. Lilla Skutt just didn't wake up after a long period of illness. He was buried under the small pine trees in the second picture. But don't be sad, he is in a better place now. On the way home something had happened a little further up the street, causing a massive traffic jam. From this view you can see not only the traffic but what Xu Jia's neighbourhood looks like from the outside. Lastly we went to the newly opened restaurant just outside Xu Jia's parent's appartment for a late dinner. I am off to bed early tonight, the train to Shenyang leaves at 06:00 tomorrow. I am super excited! Finally I will know where I am going stay the coming six months and meet the people that I am going to work with!



Johan, 2011-09-19


ling, 2011-09-19

"Trevligt med dumplings! Dem saknar jag verkligen här!"

Lina, 2011-09-18

"Lycka till med allt i Shenyang! ^_^"

caizi, 2011-09-17

"Det är så roligt med många bilder varje dag! Hemsidan har blivit mycket bättre."

Sr+Ma, 2011-09-17