China 2011/2012

LOCATION: 河西区大沽南路金海湾花园1-28-404
DATE: 2011-09-16

I woke rather late today and was surprised by the small buffet Xu Jia's parents had prepared for me for breakfast. They are really sweet and had even got me whole-wheat bread and fresh milk (real milk!). Is it just me or is it quite funny that this "milti-grain dark toast" is just regular bread coloured dark brown and with some grain sprinkled on top? It becomes kind of obvious when they don't mix the dough properly... Xu Jia's parents even saved some mooncakes from the Mid-Autumn Festival this monday for me. All days starting with Chinglish are bound to be good days. After breakfast I took a small walk around the neighbourhood and then to an electronics store on a mission to find a new card reader. It turned out that CompactFlash is not the most widely supported format in China. When I got back it was pretty much time for dinner. Together with Xu Jia's uncle and his wife (the couple in the middle) we went to the restaurant "Private Chef". Appart from a small dispute with one of the waiters about the menue (the difference between the pictures in the menue and what ended up on our table was rather big), we all had a great time.


""Kul" kanske inte är det ord jag skulle valt, men okej... :-)"

Johan, 2011-10-08

"kul att du är kortare än kineserna=)"

Robb, 2011-10-08

"Det ser bättre ut än det smakar. Smakar som helt vanligt bröd. :-P"

Johan, 2011-09-19

"Det där brödet såg ju gott ut!"

Xander, 2011-09-17

"hahaha, bageri-fail =)"

Henke , 2011-09-17

"I was told today that because the 2010 World Economic Forum was held in Tianjin, everything along Dagu South Road (大沽南路) had to get a facelift. They even created small parks and installed benches and wastebins!"

Johan, 2011-09-17

"Har de verkligen målat om hela det komplexet? Hade det kanske räckt med en fasadtvätt??"

Sr, 2011-09-16

"As I am sure you have all noticed, Xu Jia's parent's apartment building has changed colour since I came here last time. Check out 2009-01-13 in the album "China 2008/2009". :-)"

Johan, 2011-09-16